WELL AND GOOD, May 25th, 2012. By Lisa Elaine Held. View original here.

Lots of hot New York chefs compete to create the best pork buns and fried risotto balls.

But for every cured-meat guru, there’s a white-coat star making vegetables shine.

These fabulous healthy chefs put fresh, seasonal produce, legumes, and whole grains in the center of the plate (and occasionally organic, lean meats). And they maximize flavor, not butter.

“Healthy food, by definition, is full of flavors, vivid on the palate, energizing—and beautiful to behold,” says Peter Berley, one of our picks.

Hunt down our top 10 healthiest chefs in the city and grab a fork...

Alicia Walter

Walter is Eataly’s well-know vegetable butcher and the sous chef at La Scoula di Eataly.

Veggies are her specialty, and her strategy is to only reach for those that excite her.

“I challenge myself to purchase vegetables, grains, and beans that I haven't tried and then build a meal around them,” she says.

Walter also approaches every ingredient as if she grew and produced it, which, she says, adds an extra does of care to the process of selecting, cutting, and preparing.