Alicia has a passion for food that goes beyond putting a delicious and beautiful meal on your plate. She is interested in tracing the path of food from germination to your plate. Biodiversity, the tradition and history of food, and sustainable farming practices are a particular passion of hers.

and extensive experience working on biodynamic and organic farms, and in the kitchens of these farms, Alicia is a unique voice to teach classes on creating delicious and healthy meals based on what is available at the farmer’s market. Alicia’s classes are fun, engaging, and filled with history and delicious anecdotes. Classes are suitable for a group of friends in the smallest New York City apartment or in the corporate kitchen as a team-building exercise for your business.

Alicia is an accomplished writer and public speaker, and is available to comment on healthy eating, seasonal cooking, the Meatless Monday movement, Italian cuisine, and farming.

Alicia is also available to consult on a variety of garden, farm, and vegetable based projects including corporate gardens, museum or cultural institution exhibitions, farm kitchens and restaurants, and farm-restaurant partnerships.